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Dogs Facts, Figures & Fun
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by Iain Zaczek

Beautifully-produced,hb, 2-colour, well-researched and entertaining pocket history of the world of Dogs, as pets, working animals, in history, sport art and religion. A must for any dog-lover.

A brief introduction to the zoological background. The distinction between dogs, wolves, jackals, and foxes. The domestication of dogs. Dogs in the ancient world.

Canine gods (e.g. Anubis), as well as dogs that appear in classical mythology (Cerberus, Argus, Diana's hounds). Images of dogs were used as guardian spirits in ancient China. African Kozo dogs (two-headed dogs). Dog-headed people were mentioned in early travellers' tales. The Roman superstition about 'dog days' (hence Dog Day Afternoon). Dog saliva as a plague cure (the links with St. Roch).

Hunting through the ages. The different types of dogs that have been used. Hunting by sight or smell. The sporting element will mainly be on greyhound racing. Statistics on the career of 'Mick the Miller' and an American equivalent. Sledge-racing with huskies.

The development of breeds/Dog Shows
The growing specialisation and standardisation of breeds, which leads to the establishment of dog shows. A list of all the breeds that competed at the last Cruft's, divided into their respective groups, along with a league table of the breeds that have won Cruft's most often and the origins of unusual breed names (e.g. Dandie Dinmont).

Working Dogs
Dogs have been used for a wide variety of tasks, e.g. sheepdogs, police dogs, sniffer dogs, guide dogs, rescue dogs (Saint Bernard), haulage work, regimental dogs, cosmonauts.

Famous Dogs & Owners
e.g. Charles II and his spaniels, Walter Scott, the Queen€s corgis, Elizabeth Barratt Browning (& the 'dog-nappers'), Greyfriars Bobby, the Revd. Jack Russell, Barbara Bush (& the book 'written' by her dog Millie).

Fictitious Dogs
Mostly dogs from films and books, e.g. Pluto, Lassie, Gromit, K9, Rin Tin Tin, Bonzo, Hound of the Baskervilles, Pete the Pup, 101 Dalmatians, etc.

About The Author

Iain Zaczek is a writer and art historian, with particular interest in Celtic and Pre-Raphaelite themes. He was educated at Wadham College, Oxford, and the Courtlauld Institute of Art. Born in Dundee, he is currently living in London. Over the years, he has kept many animals - ranging from spaniels, budgies, tortoises, and guinea pogs to the world's doziest rabbit - but pride of place now belongs to long-haired miniature dachshund.

ISBN: 1-904332-50-1
EAN: 9781904332503
96 pages | 2 colour
Portrait 184 x 114mm (7 1/4" x 4 1/2")
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