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Gothic Fantasies: The Paintings of Anne Sudworth
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Art & Text by Anne Sudworth

This book brings together a selection of Anne Sudworth's dark and atmospheric paintings with their melding of magical imagery and ancient beliefs, the natural and the arcane. Often set among stone circles or moonlit trees her pictures have something dark and alluring about them, something of the esoteric, exploring the idea that the earth has a darker, lesser known side, perhaps one of which our ancestors were more aware. In this day and age, that awareness has become somewhat lost.

Anne Sudworth's previous book - Enchanted World, The Art of Anne Sudworth, was published by Paper Tiger in 2000. She is a highly successful painter whose work sells for many thousands of pounds. She has long been a part of the Goth scene, well known for her distinctive appearance as well as her paintings and has appeared in a number of book on goth culture including Mick Mercer's famous Goth Rocks Books.

"The earth is full of strangeness and wonder. I hope that this book will provide a welcome escape amongst the moonlit abbeys and mystical forests, the strange creatures and lonely graveyards that are my gothic fantasies." - Anne Sudworth

"Her pictures have a powerful effect: they pulse with meaning, with the sense that there are many more levels of reality than the superficial one we normally accept as being all there is. One could think of the world of Anne Sudworth as the world you can only ever see out of the corner of your eye, and which disappears when you turn to look at it face on." - John Grant

"...her talent goes way beyond awesome." - Mick Mercer

ISBN: 1-90433-256-0
EAN: 9781904332565
Hardcover, padded front, silver-gilt edges on 3 sides
112 pages
280 x 220 mm
Retail Price: $29.95
Your Price: $19.95 + shipping

Gothic Fantasies is also published in a Limited Edition of 500 and no further copies will be printed. The book is only available (new) direct from the publishers. For pricing and shipping costs please email for information.
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The Collector's Edition of Gothic Fantasies is available in a limited edition of 500 and no further copies will be printed. It is only available (new) direct from the publishers. Collector's Editions ship from the United Kingdom — please inquire with Customer Service.

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