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Sci-Fi Movies Facts, Figures & Fun
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by John Grant

Of all movie genres today, sci-fi probably has the highest profile, and certainly has a dominant position in the box office - from blockbusters like the latest Star Wars episode or The Day After Tomorrow or Spider-Man or War of the Worlds, with numerous other sci-fi movies released each year. The high-tech gloss and the massive budgets all seem a far cry from the sci-fi movies of that previous Golden Age, the middle of the 20th century, when for the most part the appeal of sci-fi cinema was its low-budget cheesiness.

In this book the renowned writer on fantasy, sci-fi and animated cinema John Grant conducts a lightning survey of the best - and the worst - of the world of sci-fi movies. Here you'll find the celebrated masterpieces as well as the beloved turkeys, along with separate sections on remakes, sequels, award-winners and even sci-fi erotica.

A must for any fan of sci-fi cinema, and an ideal book for settling pub arguments!

Perfect n the house!

"I think it's an exceptionally useful little book -- yea, even one that I might well, under other circumstances, lash out for myself if I saw it in a shop!" - John Grant

"In the Dark, No One Can See You Scream!"- Night Screams (1987)

"In the Men's Room, No One Can Hear You Scream!" - The Manhattan Project (2003)

"It's Alien, the 8th Passenger!" - the other tagline used on Alien (1979)

About The Author

John Grant is the author of Encyclopedia of Walt Disney's Animated Characters and Masters of Animation, and wrote the entirety of the cinema sections of both The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and the award-winning Encyclopedia of Fantasy. He is a film buff with a collection of some 4000+ videos and DVDs. Scottish-born, he lives in New Jersey, USA.

ISBN: 1-904332-35-8
96 pages | 2 colour
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