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What Is It?
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photography by Ditz

How's your eye for detail?

In What is it? Ditz, a popular painter and photographer, presents a varied selection of her photography from around the world. You are first shown a carefully cropped-out section of each picture which will leave you guessing what it could possibly be. Once you've thought about it you turn the page to see the whole image and find out if you were right. The photographs have been taken by Ditz both at home in England, and on her travels in USA and Europe

This clever and quirky puzzler demands concentration and imagination, as the more than 200 photographs are designed to keep the guesses flying!

The photographs gently remind us to take a new and closer look at everyday objects and celebrate the wonder and beauty that surrounds us.

ISBN: 9781904332756
416 pages
165 x 170 mm
Retail Price: $9.95
Your Price: $7.96 + shipping

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